Submission Policy

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We welcome content submissions from our users. Most users share essays about one of the authors we feature or on topics of literary or philosophical interest. To submit an essay, please indicate where you believe it ought to be listed, and include a title and brief (1-2 sentence) description. Email your submission to [email protected].

Editorial policy

An essay will only be accepted if it meets the following prerequisites:

The reviewer will assign each essay an Editorial Rating on a scale from 1 to 5 stars during the review process. Each essay is judged by the following criteria before it is assigned an Editorial Rating:

Most student essays completed at late school or early university level receive an Editorial Rating of 2 stars, with excellent student essays receiving 3 stars. Only outstanding essays, usually written by scholars or postgraduate students, receive ratings of 4 stars or more; and ratings of 5 stars are traditionally very difficult to achieve. For this reason, please do not be alarmed if your essay is rated two stars or less -- it is still very useful to students and we are still very pleased to have it on the site.  

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