Quotes about Body

Go, Soul, the body's guest,
Upon a thankless arrant:
Fear not to touch the best,
The truth shall be thy warrant:
Go, since I needs must die,
And give the world the lie.

Sir Walter Raleigh

'T is strange that death should sing.
I am the cygnet to this pale faint swan,
Who chants a doleful hymn to his own death,
And from the organ-pipe of frailty sings
His soul and body to their lasting rest.

William Shakespeare

His body to that pleasant country's earth,
And his pure soul unto his captain Christ,
Under whose colours he had fought so long.

William Shakespeare

Who with a body filled and vacant mind
Gets him to rest, crammed with distressful bread.

William Shakespeare

My fate cries out,
And makes each petty artery in this body
As hardy as the Nemean lion's nerve.

William Shakespeare

The very age and body of the time his form and pressure.

William Shakespeare

I never knew so young a body with so old a head.

William Shakespeare

Cleanness of body was ever deemed to proceed from a due reverence to God.

Francis Bacon

We understood
Her by her sight; her pure and eloquent blood
Spoke in her cheeks, and so distinctly wrought
That one might almost say her body thought.

John Donne

Like a hog, or dog in the manger, he doth only keep it because it shall do nobody else good, hurting himself and others.

Robert Burton

Humility is a virtue all preach, none practise; and yet everybody is content to hear.

John Selden

Upon my burned body lie lightly, gentle earth.

Beaumont and Fletcher

I remember that a wise friend of mine did usually say, "That which is everybody's business is nobody's business."

Izaak Walton

The trenchant blade, Toledo trusty,
For want of fighting was grown rusty,
And ate into itself, for lack
Of somebody to hew and hack.

Samuel Butler

Drawing near her death, she sent most pious thoughts as harbingers to heaven; and her soul saw a glimpse of happiness through the chinks of her sickness-broken body.

Thomas Fuller

He was one of a lean body and visage, as if his eager soul, biting for anger at the clog of his body, desired to fret a passage through it.

Thomas Fuller

To smell to a turf of fresh earth is wholesome for the body; no less are thoughts of mortality cordial to the soul.

Thomas Fuller

A fiery soul, which, working out its way,
Fretted the pygmy-body to decay,
And o'er-inform'd the tenement of clay.
A daring pilot in extremity;
Pleas'd with the danger, when the waves went high
He sought the storms.

John Dryden

It is a maxim, that those to whom everybody allows the second place have an undoubted title to the first.

Jonathan Swift

I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world.

Jonathan Swift

She has more goodness in her little finger than he has in his whole body.

Jonathan Swift

All are but parts of one stupendous whole,
Whose body Nature is, and God the soul.

Alexander Pope

You beat your pate, and fancy wit will come;
Knock as you please, there's nobody at home.

Alexander Pope

Whose little body lodg'd a mighty mind.

Alexander Pope

A faultless body and a blameless mind.

Alexander Pope

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