Quotes about Blood

A good book is the precious life-blood of a master-spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life.

John Milton

Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen,
Fallen from his high estate,
And welt'ring in his blood;
Deserted, at his utmost need,
By those his former bounty fed,
On the bare earth expos'd he lies,
With not a friend to close his eyes.

John Dryden

When beauty fires the blood, how love exalts the mind!

John Dryden

The blood will follow where the knife is driven,
The flesh will quiver where the pincers tear.

Edward Young

Pleased to the last, he crops the flowery food,
And licks the hand just raised to shed his blood.

Alexander Pope

What can ennoble sots or slaves or cowards?
Alas! not all the blood of all the Howards.

Alexander Pope

Chiefs who no more in bloody fights engage,
But wise through time, and narrative with age,
In summer-days like grasshoppers rejoice,--
A bloodless race, that send a feeble voice.

Alexander Pope

So ends the bloody business of the day.

Alexander Pope

Those who in quarrels interpose
Must often wipe a bloody nose.

John Gay

Bone and Skin, two millers thin,
Would starve us all, or near it;
But be it known to Skin and Bone
That Flesh and Blood can't bear it.

John Byrom

Some village Hampden, that with dauntless breast
The little tyrant of his fields withstood,
Some mute inglorious Milton here may rest,
Some Cromwell guiltless of his country's blood.

Thomas Gray

Sensations sweet,
Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart.

William Wordsworth

Who, doomed to go in company with Pain
And Fear and Bloodshed,--miserable train!--
Turns his necessity to glorious gain.

William Wordsworth

Dreams, books, are each a world; and books, we know,
Are a substantial world, both pure and good.
Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood,
Our pastime and our happiness will grow.

William Wordsworth

Earth helped him with the cry of blood.

William Wordsworth

Who o'er the herd would wish to reign,
Fantastic, fickle, fierce, and vain!
Vain as the leaf upon the stream,
And fickle as a changeful dream;
Fantastic as a woman's mood,
And fierce as Frenzy's fever'd blood.
Thou many-headed monster thing,
Oh who would wish to be thy king!

Sir Walter Scott

On Prague's proud arch the fires of ruin glow,
His blood-dyed waters murmuring far below.

Thomas Campbell

Ay, down to the dust with them, slaves as they are!
From this hour let the blood in their dastardly veins,
That shrunk at the first touch of Liberty's war,
Be wasted for tyrants, or stagnate in chains.

Thomas Moore

When my eyes shall be turned to behold for the last time the sun in heaven, may I not see him shining on the broken and dishonored fragments of a once glorious Union; on States dissevered, discordant, belligerent; on a land rent with civil feuds, or drenched, it may be, in fraternal blood.

Daniel Webster

The cold in clime are cold in blood,
Their love can scarce deserve the name.

George Gordon Noel Byron, Lord Byron

How widely its agencies vary,--
To save, to ruin, to curse, to bless,--
As even its minted coins express,
Now stamped with the image of Good Queen Bess,
And now of a Bloody Mary.

Thomas Hood

O God! that bread should be so dear,
And flesh and blood so cheap!

Thomas Hood

What potent blood hath modest May!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A ruddy drop of manly blood
The surging sea outweighs;
The world uncertain comes and goes,
The lover rooted stays.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Hebrew knelt in the dying light,
His eye was dim and cold,
The hairs on his brow were silver-white,
And his blood was thin and old.

Thomas Kibble Hervey

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