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Shelley's Philsophy

A brief examination of Percy Bysshe Shelley's life and beliefs.

Percy Shelley truly lived the life of a romantic. Much of his life was spent writing political pamphlets against established governments while traveling around with a circle of friends. His love life was not constricted by marriage, an institute he truly detested, and his views on religion showed the way of thinking many romanticists had.
Shelley was against established governments because it was his belief that the only purpose the government had was to restrict freedoms and keep individuals down. Because of these convictions, almost all English publishers refused to print his writings publicly, though some did print and distribute his works privately. Since his earliest years of writing, coming out of Eton school and entering University College of Oxford, a majority of his works were for a political agenda, an agenda opposed to established governments, especially that of England.
Shelley?s religious views eventually ended with his and a friends expulsion from Oxford in 1811. Shelley wrote an essay titled, ?The Necessity of Atheism?, which went against the general beliefs and values of the University. Shelley himself was an atheist, and often did not understand why so many people devoted themselves so whole-heartedly to an idea that could not be scientifically proven. Percy?s religious beliefs also isolated him from his family, and by 1814 the bond between was irreconcilably damaged.
Shelley?s romantic side caused him to constantly travel with a group of people who shared his common beliefs. This is how he would live his life forever after his expulsion from Oxford. Shelley truly abhorred the establishment of marriage, however, he was married twice. This was only because his brides? parents pushed for it. These marriages did not stop him from having affairs with other women, and even falling in love multiple times. This philosophy of true love was a common belief between many romantics
Shelley proved that he was a romantic, not only through his writings and poetry, but also by his action in life. A resolute atheist and companion to his friends, he could not have proved his beliefs better. Even in his actions of free love and anti government writings go to show Percy Shelley?s character.

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