Wilfred Owen

1893 - 1918

great British anti-war poet of the First World War.

Wilfred Owen enlisted to fight in the war in 1917. He fought at the Battle of the Somme, and was subsequently hospitalized. After meeting Siegfried Sassoon, a man who would become Owen's tutor, Owen began to write some of the most powerful war poetry in which he expresses his outrage of the human slaughter that is war.


Anthem for Doomed Youth - Analysis -- Codes and Conventions

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War poetry contrast - Anthem for Doomed Youth and Squadron Attack -- aka. ""The Art of Bullshit

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Wilfred Owen's Poetry -- Examination of a range of Wilfred Owen ’s Poems. Determined what his purpose in writing these poems is and how his style and technique promote that purpose.

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A Comparison of the Poetry of Wilfred Owen and Herbert Read and the Value inherent therein -- Differences in the themes and techniques employed by the two poets.

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