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Roman poet that sang of the founding of Rome and who would go on to exert an incalculable influence on subsequent literature.

Virgil was a Roman poet (70 BC - 19 BC) that lived through the Roman Civil War and the establishment of the Empire under Caesar Augustus. His poetry was often of a pastoral or agricultural nature, although his most important work was the Aeneid. This twelve-book epic poem was Virgil's national epic for the Roman people that traces their origins to Aeneas, the leader of the Trojans after their great city was defeated by the Greeks. The poem relates the wanderings of Aeneas as he seeks to obey the gods and seek his destiny as the founder of the greatest empire in history.


The Life and Work of Virgil -- An overview of Virgil's life and a brief assessment of his significance in world literature.

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Virgil and the Messianic Eclogue -- Ethics and theology in Virgil's Eclogues.

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The Prologue to the Aeneid in Milton and Shakespeare -- Analysis of allusions to the Prologue of Virgil's Aeneid in literature.

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