Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

1741 - 1803

French novelist, whose masterpiece is Les liaisons dangereuses

Choderlos de Laclos, an eighteenth-century French novelist, is best remembered for Les liaisons dangereuses, or Dangerous Liaisons. This epistolary novel tells of the unscrupulous libertinism practised by the central characters, Valmont and Merteuil. Together they plot for pleasure and power, but their scheme turns against them.

Laclos was a reasonably successful army general in his time. Although at one stage he was imprisoned for his work on Les liaisons dangereuses, the novel was an enormous success (and a veritable scandal) in his time.


Libertinism in Dangerous Liaisons -- Letter 113 of Les liaisons dangereuses as a representation of libertinism and Enlightenment mores.

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Analysis of Dangerous Liaisons -- Analysis of Dangerous Liaisons, the film, novel as well as comparitive with Valmont and Cruel Intentions

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