Leo Tolstoy

1828 - 1910

one of the greatest of all novelists; Russian author of realistic fiction.

Tolstoy's two novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina are regarded as some of the finest ever written. Tolstoy was a master of observing minor changes in consciousness and behaviour.

Tolstoy was born to prominent aristocrats, south of Moscow in Russia. He began his literary career while serving in the army. His two most significant works, War and Peace and Anna Karenina were written a few years later, after he had returned home to care for his estate.

Shortly after the publication of the latter text, Tolstoy's works became increasingly spiritual and moral in theme. These works helped shape the ideologies of important political and spiritual leaders, including Ghandi and Lenin.


Anna Karinina's Transformation -- Anna Karinina follows Anna as her life falls apart and she descends from a position of privilege and beauty to one of despair and isolation, yet Anna remains a sympathetic character to the reader until the end.

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