John Milton

1608 - 1674

one of the greatest poets in English


The Devolution of Satan in Paradise Lost -- Character analysis of Milton's Satan

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Into Satan's Hell -- A close analysis of Milton's portrayal of Satan and Hell, from a passage in book 2, lines 299-479.

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He’s A Rebel and He’ll Never Ever Be Any Good: Satan’s Rebellion in Paradise Lost -- Satan's rebellion in Paradise Lost as read in light of An Homily Against Willful Rebellion, by Cranmar

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Satan's use of rhetoric in Milton's Paradise Lost -- How Satan is viewed as a protagonist, and as a hero in Paradise Lost.

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Milton and the Corruption of Good -- An assessment of Milton's definition of evil in Paradise Lost.

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Lindall's Milton -- An introduction to the annnual recitation by artist Terrance Lindall of Milton's Paradise Lost which includes a display of the original illustrations.

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