Jerome D. Salinger

1919 - 0

20th century American novelist

Jerome David Salinger was born New Year?s Day in New York City. He attended New York public high school. Teachers saw him as an average student; shy, introverted but competent.

He enrolled in and graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy. He was drafted into the United States Army and stormed Normandy during 1944. After returning from the war, Salinger became isolationist. He married and had two children. Little more is known about him, as he lead a very private life from then on.


The Ducks and Fish in The Catcher in the Rye -- Essay dealing with the symbolism of Holden's inquiry of the ducks and fish in Central Park

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"Catcher in the Rye": Noble Idea or Childish Fancy? -- The analysis of the main idea of the novel as reflected in the actions of its principal character.

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Survival: Only the Strong -- A comparison of Tracks by Louise Erdrich and Salinger's Catcher in the Rye on the topic of survival.

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