Gustave Flaubert

1821 - 1880

author of the early 19th century whose perfection of a naturalistic and precisionary style has made him legendary.

Born in Rouen in 1880, France, Flaubert Gustave is regarded as the main figure of the realist school of French literature. He did not complete his law studies due to a nervous disease and abandoned the law for literature. He travelled extensively in Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Turkey and the Italy and based two of his novels on his early travels there. His nervous disorder forced him to subsequently lead a quieter lifestyle.

His main work, Madame Bovary was initially banned from obscenity as the heroine's adulterous and sensuous lifestyle became apparent. His book became a bestseller despite the fact that he disliked its theme intensely. His work displayed a combination of Romantic and naturalistic styles. It took him five years to complete the book. Immediately he began work on Salammbo

The limited number of his works was attributed to the fact that he agonised over each choice of word. His objecive approach, attention to detail and perfection of style lead him to become highly recognised as a champion of stylised prose. His followers were: Guy de Maupassant, Daudet, Goncourts Brothers and A. Daudet. Daudet and Maupassant were the precursors of naturalism.


Ridiculous As They -- Examines the Irony of Flaubert in Madame Bovary.

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