George Orwell

1903 - 1950

an advocate of democratic socialism, Orwell's social allegories are some of the most powerful critiques of totalitarian societies

Orwell found the stimulus for his work in the social wrongs around him. He was astonishished with the poor working conditions in his home country, England, and he looked and travelled further abroad. There, he discovered the horrors of National Soviet Germany and Stalinist Russia, and his novels are a critique of these totalitarian societies.

In one of his most famous novels, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell explores a society which has control over every aspect of an individual's life; and in his acclaimed allegorical story, Animal Farm, he explores the route to power in such societies.


Animal Farm - Was the Rebellion Doomed to Failure? -- Was the rebellion doomed to failure from the beginning?

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Dystopia Forever -- Can the government of Orwell's 1984 maintain power indefinitely? Includes comparisons with other political works.

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