George Herbert

1593 - 1633

English poet who was born in Wales whose work was largely religion orientated.

Born into an aristocratic family after a solid education Hebert went on to become a Fellow at Cambridge and assumed the role of Public Orator. After satisfying his worldly ambitions and achieving prestige he became disillusioned andbecame an Anglican priest settling into a new role of Recotor.
Conflicts of a personal nature emerged subsequently and his rage and resistance to the religious life was tempered with submission and devotion. These feelings reflect in his poetry where he uses anthem forms with a precision of language and use of imagery. H3 conveys his message by invoking arguements and draws on rhetoric. His use of verbless clauses convey a form of comprehension beyond thought and language. G. Herbert's work is constrated with John Donne and he was befriended by Francis Bacon. He wrote a guide for rural priests " A priest in the Temple" otherwise known as the "Country Parson".
George Herbert's poetry sounds a note of contrition and humility. He died of concumption in 1633.



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