Geoffrey Chaucer

1342 - 1400

English poet, before Shakespeare, whose varied work includes one of the greatest poems, The Cantebury Tales.

Chaucer was the first in a tradition of English poets who would play a significant role in the development of literature.

He served as a public servant for most of his life, aiding three successive kings. His travels abroad, particularly to France, where he encountered French Romanticism, had a profound influence on the style of his writing.

Chaucer's work is characterised by variety subject matter, genre, tone and style; they represent some of the most careful and tolerant consideration of philosophical ideas.

The Canterbury Tales is one of the greatest works of English poetry. It tells of a storytelling contest of a group of about 30 pilgrims as they travel through England. It is an extraordinary exploration of the pleasures, vices and spiritual aspirations of our lives.


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