Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

1844 - 1900

German philosopher and poet whose wide-ranging theories of morality and human behaviour have been some of the most influential of the past centuries

Both a philosopher and a poet, who was appointed a professorship at an alarmingly early age. In 1889 he suffered from ill health and resigned from this position after a mental breakdown, from which he never properly recovered. He wrote about many ideas, though the most famous are the avowal of the Superhuman, the doctrine of power, and the dismissal of Christian morality as the morality of a slave.


Nietzsche's Eternal Return -- Notes on various aspects of Nietzsche's doctrine of Eternal Recurrence or Eternal Return. Includes information on the positions taken by various critics.

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Sartre and Nietzsche on Morality -- Evaluates the similarities and differences in the ethical theories espoused by Sartre and Nietzsche, and argues that Nietzsche goes further to create a positive morality than is usually thought.

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Manifestations of the Will to Power: From Ressentiment and Bad Conscience to Zarathustra and Deleuze -- A reading of the will to power as the governing force of life; from bad conscience and ressentiment, as decribed in 'The Genealogy of Morality', to a Deleuzean reading of the will to power, 'Zarathustra' and a philosophy of the future.

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