Emily Bronte

1818 - 1848

introspective member of the famous Brontë family, whose only novel is one of the most significant of its period.

Emily, the most introspective of the Bront? sisters was briefly educated at school but so disliked being away from her home that she returned and continued with more informal schooling. Her early attempts at writing included poetry. Her work conveys a sense of mystery and longing that she experienced in her life. Her only novel, Wuthering Heights, is considered to be technically brilliant, with forthright and passionate language used to tell a fascinating saga. The brilliance of this novel was only acknowledged after her painful death from tuberculosis.


An Evangelican Review of Wuthering Heights -- A literary review of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights written in an Evangelican perspective

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Characters and Setting in Wuthering Heights -- This essay discusses how characters in novels can often move through physical landscapes as well as moral landscapes. It basically discusses how the setting in the novel relate to the temprements of the characters.

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