David H. Lawrence

1885 - 1930

one of the greatest novelists of the century

D.H. Lawrence was born in Nottinghamshire and educated at a local High School and University College, Nottingham. He had a very close relationship with his mother; friction between his parents and a strong connection with his mother are evident in his later work.

Lawrence took up teaching. His first poems were published in 1909. A few years later, he gave up teaching after a serious illness. His most significant novels were written in the subsequent period.

During World War I he lived in London, later moving to Cornwell. His family had extensive contact with the leading literary figures of the era.

The Rainbow, one of his most popular novels, was banned on grounds of obscenity. He was later accused of spying for the Germans, and expelled from Cornwell.

Lawrence was a prolific writer of short stories and novels during his short literary career. He also wrote several plays, travel books and general essays.


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