Chinua Achebe

1930 - 0

highly regarded African writer in English

Chinua Achebe's novels tell powerfully of the dual ills of European colonialism and West African politics. He has become one of the most highly regarded and extensively studied African writers of the twentieth century.


Analysis of Things Fall Apart -- A look at the novel from a historical and biographical perspective

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Themes in Things Fall Apart -- Themes of religion, festivals, sacrifice and justice in Achebe's novel

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Culture in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness -- Clashing cultures in these novels

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Rabelais and the Grotesque -- A comparison of scholarly evaluations of Rabelais's significance

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DISCUSS THE DUALITY OF FEMALE ROLES AS SEEN IN CHINUA ACHEBE’S THINGS FALL APART -- Nevertheless, the main focus of this paper is female roles, which frequently overlooked as secondary, but yet one of the crucial aspects in Things Fall Apart.

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